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DVD Replication

CD & DVD Jacket Printing

Order a "Green" Jacket sample.
Use our order form to request a "Green" Jacket sample so you can gauge the quality and craftsmanship of our work. Shipping charge is extra for sending the sample outside of Greater Toronto Area.

"Green" Jacket Sample

We provide a complete line of CD & DVD Jacket printing....read more

Why Choose CD & DVD Jackets over other packaging options? ...read more

SLI can provide small runs (as low as 50). ...read more

SLI can also provide replication, full packaging and fulfillment, not just printing. ...read more

We have experienced customer service that supply superior attention to detail. ...read more

SLI Manufacturing is part of the SLI Group of Companies. ...read more


CD & DVD Jacket 2 Panel

2 Panel CD & DVD "Green" Jacket

Two panel CD & DVD Jackets combine beauty with economy. Packages are available to include disc replication, assembly and shrink wrapping.

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4 Panel CD & DVD "Green" Jacket

Four panel CD & DVD Jackets are a step up from the standard design, allowing for a more expanded graphic layout and more elegant presentation.

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2 Panel cd "Green" Jacket 4 Panel cd "Green" Jacket
500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
2 Panel CD "Green" Jacket - no disc $300 $370 $600 $840 $1,100
2 Panel CD "Green" Jacket - 1 disc $795 $1,080 $1,900 $2,580 $3,600
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